140906 The Lost Planet in Jakarta, Indonesia.

OMG….. The day is my special day >./////…< he has really bright pesonality indeed :))))
The girl that Suho gave flower is really lucy. he even take selca together :((((( jealous~~~~~
Sehun!!! Because his leg is hurt, he didn't done the solo stage and he often just sit… :(((
tao didn't done tthe solo stage too but I don't know why.
Xiumin has really baby face!!!!! He is so cute!!!!! And the expression he mad for the closing his solo stage is so cute!!! I just wanna pinch his cheek :3
Sehun has a really handsome face!!!!!1 Like a doll!!! Really!!!! AAAAAAHHHH how can a human has that kind of face omg…
Luhan and Sehun are the most handsome among them, I think :)))))
Jongin~~~~~ his dance move is cool!!!! Really cool!!!! I love it!!!! And he is so cute!!!! I heard someone at the really front said that he almost taering up because we screamed his name (Kim Jongin) really loud.Uhh I'm happy if that's make you remember us :)))))
And KYUNGSOO!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG FINALLY I CAN BE THHIS CLOSE WITH HIM!1!!!!!!!! I'M REALLY HAPPY T__________T His beautiful voice…… His stunning face*.* Every time I saw Kyungsoo, my heart will beat faster. But the thing I regret is he didn't as oftet as Luhan for coming near me :((( but that's okay~~~ I'm happy enough :)))

Even Kyungsoo is my bias and always be, but Luhan and Canyeol that day are the most impressed for me :3
And eventough I've met them at SMTown Concert two years ago, but this is the most intimate moment between us (me and EXO). If only Kris there :((((