The New Cute Trainee

Hi there~~~ It has been a really long time since the last time I sign in to this page~ uhhhh I miss you all ehehehehehe Yeah! Now, I appear to publish a fiction that I made. I already published his in my aff acc ^.^ Please comment :))))) The photo is not mine. Here it comes~


Winter is Kim Jongin’s favorite. And he loves more snowy when a certain cute trainee boy appear.

Finally winter come, Jongin’s favorite season. As usual, this night he practice alone in the practice room. From the window, he can see the snow falling beautifully. That is one of reasons he likes winter. Time is already past midnight. “It’s better if I just sleep here.” he mumbled to himself. Before Jongin went to dream, he takes a bath first.

That late night, he dream a blur cute boy.

“Yah Jongin, wake up!!!!”

“Ugh, what is it hyung?” he didn’t need looking, he knows who is it.

“Ck this kid. I bet you slept at that room again last night.”

“Duh, it’s really hard wake him, right Baek?” a really tall guy interupt them.

“Yeah that’s right, Yeol.” Baekhyun sigh. “But it’s time to going home, school was ended a long time ago.”

“Okay okay, I’ll just go. What a noisy people.” he mumble at the last sentence.

“What? Did you say something?”

“Ahahaha no chanyeol hyung, just no” Jongin said awkwardly then going home leaving two boys confused.

From outside the practice room, music can be heard. “Oh Jongin, you come.” Sehun turning off the music.

“Hmm” Jongin just huming and nods for the answer.

“What a chep ans-”

“Yo guys! Ah you two as usual this early. Please welcoming this new trainee. His name is Do Kyungsoo. Treat him well okay? Bye.” the insructor Kim Gayoung suddenly come with a really cute boy, from what Jongin thinks.

“Hello, I’m Do Kyungsoo. It’s nice to see you. Please treat me well” Kyungsoo bows.

“Uhm… How old are you?” Sehun suddenly ask with a little hesitant.


“I said, how old are you?”

“Umm.. I’m at last year of senior high school.”

“What?! Seriously? You are older than me? But but but.. Your fa- asdfhjkl”

“Sorry hyung, he may seems rude but he didn’t meant it. Just ignore it okay.”

Kyungsoo just blinked his eyes before he nods.

“Yah, you interupt me! No hyung, I just mean that you are way too cute for your age.” That sentence make the older blushed.

“See Jongin, he is so~~~~ cute!!!! I just wanna pinch his cheek.”

Before Sehun get his wants, Jongin slapped his hands. Kyungsoo just can stare at them blanked face.

“Hello guys!!!”

“Luhan hyung! Here! New trainee. His name is Do Kyungsoo. He is cute right?” the older got dragged by the youngest.

“Hello, I’m Do Kyungsoo. Please treat me well” Kyungsoo bows again.

Even his voice is beautiful Jongin said in his heart without even thinking. His eyes getting bigger. What am I thinking really? he slapped his own cheek.

“Jongin…. What are you……” he didn’t realize there are three pairs eyes on him.

“Ah…” he blinked “Just do as you want, I’m going to toilet first.”

Then every one come just like the two, all of them said the new trainee is cute and somehow Jongin’s heart felt weird.

“It’s break time! 1 hour later then all of you come here again.”

“Okay!” all of them said unison.

“Here…” Jongin felt cold against his forehead. He flinched then look up. He felt his heart beat faster and in a few second he remind silent then realize he hasn’t respon the older so he immidiately sit up. “Ah Kyungsoo hyung, thanks.” He mumbled then take the bottle full water.

“My pleasure, Jongin-ah.” Kyungsoo smiled afterward. The beat of his heart increasing again. He felt his own heart is gonna burts soon. Please be calmer heart. He said to himself, holding his chest.

“Jongin-ah do you think snow is beautiful? Cause I think so.” Kyungsoo initiate first.

“You think so, hyung?”

“Of course! It’s beautiful indeed.” he answered with thumbs up.

“Yes hyung I think so too!! But when you saw it from Namsan tower, it is more beautiful.” Jongin said enthusiastically.

“Oh I’ll be very happy if you take me there.”

Jongin thinks this can be his time with his hyung alone “Hmm do you have time this saturday?”

Kyungsoo answer with a nod.

“Let’s go then.”

“Okay! Dea!” They sook hands with a bright face.

“Haaaaah~~ I’m tired!!” Tao, one of trainer said out loud.

“Duh, like you never done this.”

“Yah, be quiet. You are younger than me Sehun-ah.” And this cause more noisy situation. But the two boys who sit side by side didn’t got bother at all.

“Hyung, so after this ended we head to Namsan right?” Jongin said between his unsteady breath.

Kyungsoo just answered with a chuckle.

Jongin raised his eyebrows “What so



“No, it just you are… Why are you so eager?” he answered with a chuckle between.

Hearing those, Jongin’s cheek burn. He didn’t realize he is so eager going there with his cute hyung. Wait! He isn’t mine! he widened his eyes Oh but he will be, Jongin he fight with his own thought.

“Finally! What I like about today and tomorrow is… We can leave early!”

Hearing that, Sehun snorted “Ck, you always thought about cheap thing, Tao.”

“And you always being unpolite to me, Sehun-ah-”

“Wait! Where is my cute hyung? He didn’t get dragged by gangster right?!” Sehun get panicked.

“Ugh! My ears are gonna hurt! He is being dragged by Jongin okay?” Tao flinched while rubbing his ears. “Why are you always look for Kyungsoo huh? What kind of cute is that, I’m cuter of course.” he mumbled at his last sentence.

“It’s a relief he is with Jongin..” Sehun said after sighing. “And… Why bother about that Tao? It’s up to me who I’ll look for.”

“Yeah yeah yeah whatever” Tao answer while leaving sehun alone.

“Yah, I’m talking here! Ugh! What an annoying brat”

“Whoah this afternoon winter wheater is really good for walking.”

Jongin’s eyes lighting “Yes, and it is way better with our destination is near with our practice building.” answered the younger one.

“Ah.. How about we eat first, while waiting the evening come? Because I think it will be way more beautiful in the dark.”

“Hmm that is a good idea hyung.” With that, hey entered a quite cafe near by. Kyungsoo orders a hot coffee while Jongin orders iced coffee despite the cold weather.

“Hyung, there is whipped cream on your lips.”

“Eh? Where th-”

Suddenly Jongin lean forward then licked the cream directly. Kyungsoo mind suddenly got blank, he can’t think. Deep red spread on his cheeks. He felt himself burning and his eyes widened. Jongin lean back, then he just realize what he done. When seeing his hyung’s redden cheeks, he blushed.

“Uh… Uh… Sorry hyung.. It just your lips are tempting- eh no no no it’s-”

Before Jongin can make an excuse he got interupted “Jongin-ah! Wah we meet here!”

Jongin’s eyes widened hearing the hyper voice “Ah hyung, w-what-”

“Baek, what make you-” Chanyeol stop mid way “Jongin-ah what are you doing here?! It is unusual.”

“Nah! What make you come to cafe? It’s really hard to make you going out eating with us. You must be special hmm cute bo- Ouch!” That words make kyungsoo’s cheeks burn more.

“What happen baek?”

“Yah Jongin-ah we haven’t finished-”

Jongin dragged Kyungsoo out from the annoying couple. He afraid they will talk something dangerous more. He still haven’t sure about his feeling. “Hyung, I’m sorry about thay okay?” Jongin said after arrived at Namsan. Seeing the older reaction, he said again “And I’m sorry about the earlier thing. Please just forget it so we can enjoy the snow.” he grabbed kyungsoo soulders.

Kyungsoo just can answered with a nod.

“Okay lets come in.” he still taking his hyung hand. Somehow, Kungsoo felt himself getting heat up and he likes the heat that younger give. And it caused his lips curling up make a beautiful smile.

“Channie, maybe he is this Kyungsoo guy who that kid always told to us.”

“That is possible-”

“Sorry if I interupt, this is the bill for this table.” a girl suddenly appear.

“Ugh! That brat!”

“Why Jongin-ah? Why don’t you raise your head?”

“Sorry hyung… I made so much mistake today, I felt like hiding.”

“It is okay Jongin-ah, spending time with you is make me happy enough.” Kyungsoo answered with smile.

Jongin blushed, and keep his head down. “Ah why the snow have to stopped when we were going to saw them.” he pouted.

“It is really okay.” Kyungsoo patted Jongin’s head. “I think I’m gonna leave first Jongin.”

“Hyung wait!” this time he raise his head. “You live at this apartement too?”

Both of them widened their eyes then laughing afterward. “This is so funny, why on earth I don’t know about this while I’ve live in here like around two years?”

“Ah! I haven’t told you, have I?” Kyungsoo sigh first. “I just move here the day I come in to the company”

The younger lips made o shaped and nodding.

“OMG! I’m so happy hearing this, Jongin!” suddenly Kyungsoo hugged Jongin.

Feeling the younger tensed, he released the hold “Sorry…”

“Let just come in hyung. I’m tired and sleepy already.” Jongin tried to melt the awkward situation. “Good night hyung.”

“Hmm. Have a nice dream, Jongin.”

Even in the cold night, their hearts are as warm as the spring air. Smile never stop appearing from their lips.

“Hyung, aren’t you tired? Let’s go home.” Sehun offered his right hand for Kyungsoo to take.

“You leave first, Sehun..” answered Kyungsoo without tear his gaze from the tanned guy who keep moving.

The younger between two, follows his hyung eyes. “Ah… I see.” he look for someone first before asked ” Tao-yah, let’s go~”

The action make Tao frowned. “What a weird guy.” Tao mumble to himself.

Kyungsoo never tear his eyes form Jongin’s move. Eventhough without music, he can felt the feeling from the dance.

“Hyung, am I that hot?” Jongin grinning without stop his movement.

Unexpected situation happen. Kyungsoo cheeks get crimson red. And that make the situation getting awkward with their position facing each other. It felt like the long distance didn’t give any effect, even make it worst.

“Come on hyung, let’s dance with me.” Jongin tried melt the awkward situation. Without waiting for the elder answer, Jongin grabs fast Kyungsoo’s hands. Suddenly, he felt his heart beat faster so does his movement. Their feet stumble that caused Kyungsoo lost his balance and accidentaly push Jongin backward. “Ugh” Jongin touch his own elbow that is hurt.

“Jongin, I’m so sorry. Really. Which one is hurt? Eoh? I’m sorry. Duh my-“

“Hyung!” Kyungsoo got startled, he widened his eyes. “Hyung, sorry for yelling.” He said after sighed.”Just, calm down. It’s not like I got car accident. I’m- Ouch! Why?” Jongin asked widened his eyes like his hyung a moment ago. “Why you pinch me?”

Kyungsoo stand up “Your words. Are you planning got into a car accident huh? Ck!” His face harden.

Jongin just smiled and went to music player. A smooth music can be heard along with a dim lamp appear. He grabbed Kyungsoo hands and placed them into his neck. His own hands are on Kyungsoo’s small waist.

“Uh… Am I the girl here?” The elder asked with a pink color in his cheek.

Jongin chuckled afterward. “Just follow my move, hyung.”

They mind mix with the smooth music Jongin choose. His hands make the elder got closer, their bodies almost stick together. Somehow, the cooler doesn’t work for them. The room make them felt the heat. It even goes to their cheek. The dimp lam isn’t helping at all.

Jongin’s eyes flick to Kyungsoo pulm lips “Hyung, can I kiss you?”

“Eh?” Kyungsoo felt something in his lips. A soft yet cold surface touch his. As time goes, it changes being warm. Kyungsoo never imagine the younger lips wil be this good and addicting. The more he felt the more he want kept it for like forever. Jongin tugged Kyungsoo lower lips and the elder is willing open them. Jongin explore the heat Kyungsoo has and it caused he let out a soft mewl. When he heard his own voice, he push Jongin hard until his butt touch the cold floor compared to their hot season. “I-I get going.”

Before Kyungsoo even reach the door, he got pushed to a near wall with two stong hands at both his head side. He don’t even have strength to look up. He won’t make the younger saw his red face, ever.

Soft breath is the only sound they can hear. The music has stopped long ago. “Hyung” Kyungsoo have argue to keep his head down. “Hyung” The soft voice make Kyungsoo heart beat increased. With a really soft move like he won’t hurt the elder, Jongin guide Kyungsoo’s head to face his. But still, the elder won’t look into his eyes. “Hyung please look at me.” After hearing those pleading voice, Kyungsoo meets his eyes. Jongin smiles a bit first. “Are you regretting it, hyung?” the scene from before repeated again in his mind, and the red color won’t stop from darkened again on his cheeks.


“Jongin wait! Jongin.. But we- I-“

“Sshh” Jongin placed his own finger at Kyungsoo’s lips. “Calm down a bit, and tell me.”

Kyungsoo keep silent first. “Honestly I- Why are you being like this?!” Kyungsoo let out a higher tone. “Why Jongin-ah?” It comes with a soft sobs. “You always make my body in heat when got close to you. And my heart too! It just- I felt like I’m gonna burst soon.” Right now, Kyungsoo close his face with his own hands and the tears are flowing. He felt a hug afterwards.

Jongin tapped his back with big smile appear in his face “Sshh hyung, don’t cry please. It makes my hear ache.” With that soft word, the sobs decreasing even Jongin didn’t felt the tension anymore.

He released the hold then wiped the tears form the elder cheeks. He can’t help but peck Kyungsoo’s red lips. It just a quick peck, but still can make the older widened his eyes. Jongin chuckle afterward.

“Hyung, you are really cute.”

“Jongin please, don’t say that-“

“Hahaha okay I’ll just stop.” Jongin exhale. “Would you be my boyfriend?” Jongin asked sincerely with a gentle smile.

“But you-“

“You won’t hyung?” Jongin pouted and make a sad face. Kyungsoo blinked, he still doubt either he should said yes or no. “But I just accept yes as an answer.”

Kyungsoo give a little nod and hoping the younger didn’t notice. But even in the dim lamp, Jongin can saw it clearly. He hugged Kyungsoo tight and swing him.

“Hyung thank you! Thank you so much! I promise won’t make you sad.” He kissed Kyungsoo eagerly afterward. The two bodies mix each other at that place and heat spread in the room.

“I know why you dragged me Sehun-ah.” Sehun just responed with a hum. “What do you think they are doing right now, hm?”

Sehun stop his movement. “Maybe like this?” he lean to Tao then peck the older “I’ve answer your question right?” and so, he leave dumbfounded Tao alone with a cold wind.